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Just thought it might be worth getting the word out: I’d love get my game Doeo out on WiiWare or Nintendo DS. I don’t mean converting the game, I mean like the transition Alien Hominid did from simple flash game to fully-fledged console game. Many more levels, quirky music, new features, power-ups, multiplayer modes: it would be a blast. It’d be the perfect casual game title for the Wii!

Doeo has been played more than 11 million times and has been featured on Miniclip (holding the third spot for top 10 games until just recently), and in various major blogs, magazines and newspapers. If you are an authorized WiiWare developer or otherwise in a position where you could help getting Doeo onto consoles, feel more than welcome to contact me.

The Doeo Aftermath

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Things have started to calm down since Doeo hit the fan. The game has been doing reasonably to very good. I still have a few licenses of the game to ship out, but that’s mostly because real life has been keeping me busy.

I wish I could show you the game I’m working on now – it’s a crazy “Typing of the Dead” kind of game which my old faculty will use to teach first-year students to conjugate verbs in Japanese. The guy who wrote the script has a very odd sense of humor, which hopefully will show in the finished product. I will probably not be able to post the game online (the faculty is aiming to sell it to other universities), but maybe a few pictures later on. I really like some of the characters I’ve come up with for the game and I’m hoping I’ll be able to use them for my own projects, but the faculty owns the copyright, so it depends.

Good news if you liked Doeo, by the way! I’ll start working on the sequel next week. Also, I’m looking for a few artists to make backgrounds, if you’re interested, shoot me an e-mail! (I’ll be posting more detailed information about this later on).

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