Super Video Blox

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A block-dropping puzzle game with streaming videos playing in the background!

There are a few unlisted key commands:

Press P to pause the game (and should the video ever stop, try pausing/unpausing to get it started again).
Press R to restart the video in case it gets stuck and pausing and unpausing it doesn’t seem to help.
Press N to change song and skin (only works in arcade mode).
You can press space instead of using the down arrow key to make blocks drop, if you prefer.
You can also shift the blocks by pressing Z or X rather than the up arrow key – this way, you can shift them both clockwise and counter-clockwise.
There is also a mouse mode hidden in there – press M to toggle it.

This is more or less a beta release – I haven’t play-tested the game that much so I’m counting on pushing out a few updates. If the game proves popular, I have an item or two on my to-do list – I’d definitely want to implement a way to play any YouTube video you want in the background.

All feedback is much welcomed!

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Music Catch

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Catch the colorful shapes that appear when the music plays! The more shapes you collect, the more points you get. Yellow shapes give you a bonus and multiply your points, but watch out for red shapes!

Air Pressure Air Pressure
Super Video Blox Super Video Blox
Full Moon Full Moon
Street Fighter II Street Fighter II

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